Virtue of the Week – Reverence & Preparation for Easter

“Reverence may be defined as a profound respect mingled with love and awe. Other words that add to our understanding of reverence include gratitude, honor, veneration, and admiration. The root word revere also implies an element of fear. Thus, reverence might be understood to mean an attitude of profound respect and love with a desire [...] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Recipes to Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring! Sunshine, fresh produce, long walks outside, kids playing outdoors, more fresh vegetables, gardens starting to perk up – what could be better?? Time to shake off the winter blahs and spring into spring! As the fields begin to yield their bounty, take advantage by checking out local farms and Farmers Markets for treasures [...] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Recipes to Welcome the New Year

Just when you thought it might be over … New Year’s Eve comes sneaking up on us!  Exhausted from the whirlwind of the holiday season, we rally once more to celebrate and party and cook and feed.  New Year celebrations can be really fun – encouraging guests to bring potluck and a bottle of wine [...] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – A Feast of 12 Recipes for the 12 Days of Christmas

Traditionally, the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day but we are getting all of our holiday ducks partridges geese in a row to share twelve scrumptious ideas for Christmas feasting! Ready to sing (and cook!) along with us? On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…A partridge in a [...] Read more »