Tasty Tuesday – Easter Roast Recipes

Easter Roast Dinner Recipes Tasty Tuesday 4virtu Blog

Nothing says traditional Easter dinner like a roast dinner with all of the fixings!  Whether you prefer lamb or ham or beef or something different, we have a recipe to cover your craving and create a gorgeous Easter dinner. Bring on the roasting – which one is your favorite? Easter Lamb from Jamie Oliver Honey […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter Brunch Recipes for Tasty Tuesday from 4virtu

Easter is coming on April 5 and as we make plans for family celebrations, let’s not forget the important tradition of Easter Brunch!  Easter egg hunting is hard work and as we make our way home from Church and the hunts, there are lots of hungry mouths to feed. We picked some delicious, seasonally-appropriate brunch […] Read more »

10 Secrets to Happiness from Pope Francis

10 Secrets to Happiness from Pope Francis

In an interview last summer, Pope Francis listed his top ten secrets to happiness.  Since this time of year brings some extra stress, let’s focus on the brilliant words of Pope Francis. Click the url to seek out much more information on the subject of it. 1. “Live and let live.” Everyone should be guided by […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – 30 Minute Meals for Busy Families

Back to school is also back to extracurricular activities and sports teams for busy Moms and Dads.   Resist the urge to drive through at a fast food restaurant and do a quick meal plan for the week.  Do your shopping and as much prep as possible on the weekend to reduce stress during the […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Summer Sandwiches

Remember trailing through the neighborhood on hot summer days with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your backpack?  Friends, adventures and a whole summer in which to accomplish your dreams. Summer vacation and end of school are here (or almost here) and the days of summer are beginning! Sandwiches say summer; whether it is [...] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Get Your Gourds On!

I have a weird thing for gourds – pumpkins, squash (also cucumbers and melons!) at this time of year.  I love their colors, their shapes, and all the little twists that make them unique.  they are propped all over the house in arrangements big and small but really my favorite place to put a gourd [...] Read more »