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The name 4virtu, brings to mind the words ‘virtual’ and ‘virtuous’; two words equally fitting that bring to bear our inspiration for this site.

In developing an innovative evangelization enterprise software and social networking site that would provide powerful, comprehensive, easy to use tools for Diocesan and Parish management, collaboration, communication and private social networking, we ensured it was built on a secure, wholesome, family-friendly environment that emphasizes good and charitable works.

Such re-awakening of values, forms the bedrock that has come from our daily life experiences as parents, coaches, local business people and active Catholics. The Founding partners at 4virtu believe that it is vital to infuse positive Catholic ideals with our corporate philosophy. Our focus is to be a good partner and enrich every Diocese which we serve.

Thank you for this opportunity to share 4virtu with your Diocese, Parishes and their Parishioners. From the very beginning, our goal has been to bring all constituents together to aid in their ability to organize, simplify and connect their everyday activities.

We have strived to provide an easy to use solution that truly serves the needs of every level of the Diocesan hierarchy so that significant time may be spent reaching the Active Catholics, Non-active Catholics and the Unchurched. Our platform facilitates the identifying and utilization of best practices so all may benefit as they emerge.

On the face of it, allaying any concerns about our family and children’s safety provides the ease of mind that which, as parents and Catholic leaders, we cherish. We also cherish giving, which is why 4virtu is FREE to both our member organizations and their families. Our passion is, and always will be, elevating the ease to which people communicate, share and inspire – building blocks of the New Evangelization. 

As the name 4virtu implies, we hope to “Evangelize the world… one community at a time”. We are here to serve. Please let us know your thoughts as to how we might improve the capabilities and user  experience of our 4virtu system. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

Greg McGrath



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