Our Mission

4virtu Organize Simplify ConnectFrom the start, 4virtu has been driven by the desire to serve as a faithful steward in bringing church and volunteer organizations together with their member families to better manage their daily lives.

Our guiding principle: “Changing the world… one virtuous community at a time” reflects our goal to promote and inspire good works; to provide powerful, comprehensive and easy to use tools to allow our organizations to manage, collaborate and communicate with their members; to support and enrich families; and to connect and sustain businesses – all helping to foster the building and sustaining of strong local communities.

We are glad you have found us. As parents of children who keep us running in many directions and active participants in our churches and local volunteer organizations (who are continuously curious about the Internet and technology), we are guided by a relentless focus in bringing a secure, family-centric approach to our organizations and their social networking. We believe that in order to bear witness to our values in the online marketplace, we must model these values ourselves.

By espousing the necessity of traditional values; by encouraging good citizenship; and by acting as goodwill ambassadors in fostering the building of strong virtuous communities, 4virtu will have made a difference in the lives of those we serve. At its core, our faith-based mission is the foundation and cornerstone of our business model.

Organize. Simplify. Connect.

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