For the Family – How to Have a Healthy Fall Season

The upcoming Fall season isn’t just about apple cider, changing leaves, and pumpkin patches; it also brings the start of flu season and the busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season. Families are still working into the back to school and extracurricular activities and sports routines as well.  Begin Autumn as you mean to continue by setting […] Read more »

Summer Vacation Ideas that Give Back

Summer Vacations are the perfect time to give back and not only is it good for the world around you but it is good for YOU! Have you ever done acts of service with no reward in mind but to lend a helping hand to another human being? If so, you may have gained much [...] Read more »

Happy Memorial Day!

Amidst the family barbecues and gatherings with friends this weekend, it is an important time for us to stop, remember and give Thanks to the men and women of our military who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in defending our great country. To all of the men and women of the Armed Services and to [...] Read more »

Happy Veterans Day from 4virtu!

Today is Veterans Day, a time to pause, reflect and give thanks to the men and women of the United States Military who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom and secure the blessings of liberty in this wonderful country we call the United States of America. Because of their willingness (along [...] Read more »

10 Summer Activities for Kids & Good Works

As parents, we have all heard the infamous – “I’m bored!” and with a long summer vacation stretched out in front of us, we need some inspiration! We have put together some ideas to get the kids motivated not only to get off the screens but to channel their energy into Good and create some […] Read more »

Thoughts and Prayers for #Joplin and the Victims of the Tornadoes

Look around you.  Look at your home, your belongings, your treasures. Take a very long look at your children, your spouse. Walk out in the yard and look at your neighbors. Think of everything that is familiar and comfortable and YOURS. And imagine that in 30 seconds it is gone.  All of it just gone. […] Read more »