Spring Vegetable Recipe Roundup

Spring Vegetable Recipe Roundup for Tasty Tuesday from 4virtu

Spring makes our mouths water!  Tis the Season for delectable baby veggies and whole harvest of fresh coming to our tables after the winter months. Even if we have to shovel the snow to get to the store, a few bites of Spring make it all worth it! Looks for harvests of artichokes, arugula, asparagus, […] Read more »

Game Day Recipe Roundup

Game Day Recipe Roundup 4virtu Blog

Are you ready for some football?  We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share recipes that will make us ALL ready for some football and this roundup is a touchdown!  Grilled short ribs, hummus, loaded eggplant rounds, buffalo chicken …. everything – these recipes make our mouths water.  Maybe we don’t want to […] Read more »

Living Evangelical Simplicity

Simplicity is not about the quantity of the goods of the earth we possess. It is about our relationship to them. Jesus said – Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matt. 6:21). A marvelous article about living evangelical simplicity has been written by Deacon Keith A. Fournier on Catholic.org.  He impresses […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Back to School Lunches

Back to School Lunch Ideas from 4virtu Blog

The summer has whizzed by and in the next few weeks, all the kiddos will be back in the classrooms.  This time of year always brings grumbling from the kids and secret cheering from the Moms! Packing an interesting and healthful lunch is important, so we have some suggestions to get you ready for back to […] Read more »

10 Things We Want You to Know about the Catholic Faith by CatholicTV & Bishop Christopher Coyne

CatholicTV and Bishop Christopher Coyne have put together a wonderful series of videos called “10 Things We Want You to Know about the Catholic Faith.”  In the search for creative New Evangelism in the Catholic faith, these videos are a great intro for newcomers and those returning to Catholicism after many years. They have a lot […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Noodle Love Recipe Roundup

Noodle Love Recipe Roundup from 4virtu

Who doesn’t love noodles?  Whether in pasta form or Asian noodle dishes, noodles are easy to prepare and fun to eat – especially for the kiddos!  We put out our Noodle Recipe request to our favorite bloggers and they came back with some recipes that are perfect for your family table! Happy Tasty Tuesday!  What […] Read more »

A Day of Fasting and Prayer for #Syria September 7

osv pray for syria

“Peace is a good which overcomes every barrier, because it belongs all of humanity!” Pope Francis has called for a global prayer vigil on September 7 to focus on Syria and the Middle East.  The vigil in St. Peter’s Square will last from 7pm to 11pm    and Pope Francis has invited Catholics, other Christians, those […] Read more »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Back to School for Tasty Tuesday

Healthy Breakfast Ideas 4virtu Recipe Roundup Tasty Tuesday

Back to school means back to schedules and alarm clocks and a race to get out of the door on time. The most important boost for the day comes in the form of a healthy breakfast for kids … proteins, grains, whole foods – real food. This is the fuel that keeps them going all […] Read more »

Summer Peach Recipes

Summer Peach Recipes from 4virtu

When we think about the smells and tastes of summer, peaches are one of the most delicious (and anticipated) that come to mind! Peach cobblers and shortcakes work for breakfast, lunch and dinner and peaches can be used for savory as well as sweet recipes.  Peach salsa on grilled fish or grilled peaches topped with […] Read more »

Healthy Summer Snack Recipe Roundup

Healthy Snacks for Summer for Tasty Tuesday from 4virtu

Keeping our energetic kiddos properly fueled for the summer can be a challenge, as well as keeping them entertained! We have a great healthy summer snack recipe roundup with some interesting and tasty twists that have great flavor – Watermelon Lady Bug Pops?  YES! Plus, on Pinterest, we have a great DIY & Crafts Board […] Read more »