For the Family – How to Have a Healthy Fall Season

The upcoming Fall season isn’t just about apple cider, changing leaves, and pumpkin patches; it also brings the start of flu season and the busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season. Families are still working into the back to school and extracurricular activities and sports routines as well.  Begin Autumn as you mean to continue by setting […] Read more »

Pope Francis on Balancing Sports and Church

Sports done right helps build a more caring, brotherly and just world that helps overcome “human and social disadvantage,” the Pope said. In the Vatican’s Paul VI audience hall, the pope met with athletes, coaches, sports fans and team owners that belong to the Lazio Sports Society, which was established in 1900 by young people […] Read more »

Game Day Recipe Roundup

Game Day Recipe Roundup 4virtu Blog

Are you ready for some football?  We asked some of our favorite food bloggers to share recipes that will make us ALL ready for some football and this roundup is a touchdown!  Grilled short ribs, hummus, loaded eggplant rounds, buffalo chicken …. everything – these recipes make our mouths water.  Maybe we don’t want to […] Read more »

Brussels Sprouts Recipe Roundup

Brussels Sprouts Recipes from 4virtu Blog

Brussel Sprouts are a delectable veggie that offer a multitude of variations on prep and consumption.  The peak season for Brussel Sprouts is September to mid-February. Not only are they tasty, but Brussel Sprouts offer great health benefits too, including cholesterol-lowering and cancer-protecting.  Ready to dig in? Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon from Nom Nom […] Read more »

Summer Seafood Recipes for Seafoods Boils, Clambakes, and Fish Fries

Summer Seafood Celebration Recipes from 4virtu Blog

For those that have grown up with the bounty of the ocean at their fingertips, seafood boils, clambakes, and fish fries were a big part of summer gatherings.  They could be an all day event of time spent with family and friends, indulging in sunshine and good food. You don’t have to be on the beach to […] Read more »

10 Things We Want You to Know about the Catholic Faith by CatholicTV & Bishop Christopher Coyne

CatholicTV and Bishop Christopher Coyne have put together a wonderful series of videos called “10 Things We Want You to Know about the Catholic Faith.”  In the search for creative New Evangelism in the Catholic faith, these videos are a great intro for newcomers and those returning to Catholicism after many years. They have a lot […] Read more »

Tasty Tuesday – Game Day Recipes for Super Bowl

Game Day Recipe Roundup for Super Bowl Sunday from 4virtu

The BIG Game is coming this Sunday and what do we want to do?? EAT!  Whether you are hosting or attending a Super Bowl party, there are lots of fun ways to make sure that the food is the star of the game. We have some great recipes and recipe roundups to share and all […] Read more »

Network of Care Update from the Amazing Teresa Bolte

Network of Care in Mason, Ohio is one of the first groups that joined 4virtu and began using our tools to organize the Good Works that they do.  We are so tickled to provide an update from the Amazing Teresa Bolte who works tirelessly to get everything that she can for The Network of Care. […] Read more »