Summer Vegetable Recipes – Are you ready?

Summer vegetables are starting to come in.  Farmer’s Markets are opening across the country in anticipation of summer crops.  I am ready!  How about you?  So many good things are coming into season – check out what’s in season for June, July, and August and create your summer recipes accordingly! After the long winter, what […] Read more »

Super Summer Popsicle Recipes

A wonderful way to cool down as the temps climb is popsicles! They are fun to make and fun to eat – make it a summer project. We have healthy choices as well as some that are a bit more indulgent – gummy bears anyone? How are you staying cool as summer approaches? Gummy Bear and […] Read more »

Charitable Works Are Key Part of the New Evangelization

“Faith without charity bears no fruit, while charity without faith would be a sentiment constantly at the mercy of doubt. Faith and charity each require the other, in such a way that each allows the other to set out along its respective path. Indeed, many Christians dedicate their lives with love to those who are […] Read more »

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes – Celebrate MOM!

Happy Mothers Day Recipes

This weekend is the special day to celebrate MOM and a delicious meal is a great way to do that!  This quote reminds us how much Moms do for us every single day: Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.  Cheryl Lacey Donovan Share your favorite way to celebrate […] Read more »

Steps to Invite the New Evangelization into Your Life

Greg Willits did a wonderful in-depth piece on New Evangelization for Catholic Digest that has important steps for Catholics to invite New Evangelization into their lives.  John Paul II coined the phrase in 1979 on his historic visit to Poland and it has been fully embraced by Pope Francis. Greg’s suggestions are real-world steps to […] Read more »

Happy Spring Family Recipe Roundup!

Happy Spring Family Recipe Roundup from 4virtu

Happy Spring!  As we emerge from the grips of winter, it’s time to get outside and celebrate! Spring veggies are starting to pop up in markets so take advantage of the bounty of the season to really get in the spirit of the season. We asked our favorite bloggers to share their best Happy Spring […] Read more »

The 15 Promises of Mary for the Praying of the Rosary

15 Promises of Mary for the Praying of the Rosary 4virtu Blog

Praying the rosary is a powerful sacrament and one that sustains Catholics in their daily lives. The Blessed Mother shared the promises of the rosary with St. Dominic for those who pray it.  While the Blessed Mother has 117 titles, she chose “Lady of the Rosary” at Fatima. Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation […] Read more »

Egg Recipe Roundup – Deviled Eggs, Easter Eggs & MORE!

Egg Recipe Roundup from 4virtu

Eggs and Easter are like springtime peanut butter and jelly!  As we get ready for Easter breakfast and brunch and lots of Easter egg hunts, how we handle our eggs becomes a focal point. From all natural Easter egg dye recipes to how to poach an egg, we have links to make your Easter truly […] Read more »

What is Catholic New Evangelization? (Video)

Dr. Scott Hahn provides his take on the New Catholic Evangelization.  He emphasizes the need and call in the current secular world for Catholics to share their mission and take on the Catholic Religion. This interview was done in 2012 – Original Link More on Dr. Scott Hahn Read more »