How to Write an Animal Farm Essay

In the Animal Farm essay, the author can start by highlighting a specific theme or character within the book. For example, the author can introduce the theme of power and the basic comprehensions of power on the heads of state and how this is associated to the plot development in Animal Farm. The paper can focus on highlighting the manner that power affects characters and also the events and the outcome of the book.


The introduction will contain the background information concerning the story. This can be a brief summary of the plot of the book which will enable the reader to have a clear picture on the events and development of the plot in the essay. The introduction will also contain a thesis statement which will focus on the manner that the actions of specific characters either leads to negative outcomes due to their use or abuse of power.


The body of the essay will contain various instances that power was utilized by characters. The author can mention the state of power on Animal Farm before the rebellion occurred. The author can also highlight how power was shared between a man and the animals and also the how this co-existence and the symbiotic relationship lasted in the farm. The author will then have to highlight the instances that led up to the rebellion and the causes of the rebellion. The writer will then indicate how the rebellion occurred in the story and the consequences of the rebellion.

Through indicating all these events, the reader becomes even more interested to discover the manner that how all these occurrences will ultimately build up to a huge climax to the story. Additionally, the reader even becomes further interested when the author utilizes specific examples and quotations from the book.


Therefore, the final part of the essay will focus on the assessment and restate the purpose of the essay. The author can also summarize the main topics without being repetitive of anything that as mentioned in the previous parts. This will provide a satisfactory end for the reader and they can also formulate their own conclusions on how the story could have ended.

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