For the Family – How to Have a Healthy Fall Season

How to Have a Healthy Fall Season

The upcoming Fall season isn’t just about apple cider, changing leaves, and pumpkin patches; it also brings the start of flu season and the busy (and sometimes stressful) holiday season. Families are still working into the back to school and extracurricular activities and sports routines as well.  Begin Autumn as you mean to continue by setting up healthy and restorative patterns to boost your immune system. Creating healthy habits now means a healthy Fall season for the whole family!

Maintain healthy living strategies to maintain and boost your immune system. (Harvard Health)

Autumn Health and Safety Tips from the CDC – including tips for the whole family.

Eat More Pumpkin – Pumpkin is a Superfood and contains amazing nutrients and health benefits.  Take it easy on the pumpkin pies and try a healthy pumpkin smoothie instead!

Take advantage of the crisp Fall weather for a new fitness routine (WebMD).

Incorporate the Superfoods of Fall into your diet. (

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Just because the temperatures are cooling doesn’t mean we don’t need to stay hydrated. (US News & World Report Health)

For student athletes: Athletes may have different fluid requirements, according to Soccer America:

In general, high school athletes require 10 to 12 cups of fluid (water, fruit juice, milk, etc.) per day consumed at meals and snacks so they start exercise properly hydrated. During exercise, athletes generally require 4 to 8 ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes.

Stay in the sleep zone with bedtime rituals and enough shut-eye to help boost your immune system. (Mayo Clinic)

Dr. Nina Radcliff from The Washington Times has some great words on stress:

Reduce chronic stress. Moving into the heart of fall with the holidays knocking – all too often translates to an overbooked schedule. Look for ways to maintain a manageable schedule, which means carving out “time” for planned activities (including some “me time,” which can mean saying “no” or declining an invitation occasionally. steps to ensure schedules do not become overstressed and overwhelmed goes a long way in maintaining good health with time to enjoy all the season has too offer.

Don’t become a couch potato with the new Fall TV season. (Superhero You)

What are your go-to tips for a healthy Fall season?