Tasty Tuesday – Summer Sandwiches

Remember trailing through the neighborhood on hot summer days with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your backpack?  Friends, adventures and a whole summer in which to accomplish your dreams.

Summer vacation and end of school are here (or almost here) and the days of summer are beginning!

Sandwiches say summer; whether it is a picnic, afternoon on the beach, fishing by the lake or corralling the neighborhood kids for a lunch break and we have some delicious sandwiches to check out this summer!

Paired with a lemonade and some chips or cucumber slices and you have a feast – I am ready to eat!

Thank you so much to the amazing bloggers who provide inspiration with their delicious recipes – from grilled banana to summer squash and brie, we have the sandwiches for this summer!

Happy Tasty Tuesday – Click on the link below to add YOUR favorite Sandwich of Summer!