Tasty Tuesday – Ready, Set, Grill!

Time to fire up the barbecue and begin the look ahead to warmer days and weekends – days spent in the sunshine, family gatherings, and juicy burgers and hot dogs on the grill!  Food cooked on the grill always tastes better and we can’t forget all of the delish sides that are laid out on the picnic table.

Who is the grill master in your house?  And what are your favorite sides for a barbecue?  We have put together some scrumptious ideas from our favorite foodies … Ready. Set. Grill!

Before you start grilling, check in with Housewife Bliss and Coryanne Ettienne on how to love your barbecue and get it ready for the grillfest.  She has some great tips to check out before the meat hits the grill!

Aggie’s Kitchen takes summer salads and adds an Asian twist with her delightful Last Minute Sesame Noodles and Asian Couscous salad – sometimes traditional is just what you need and sometimes a little twist is just right!  Imagine these salads with delicious chicken breasts with a light teriyaki or ginger marinade – YUM!

Big Red Kitchen did a review from Guy Fieri’s new cookbook and shared the Watermelon Pork Taco recipe – the pork is marinaded and cooked on the grill and got all kinds of thumbs up from Big Red Kitchen which is good enough for us!

Cookin Canuck has a marinade that she uses for steaks, chicken thighs and pork but for me, I love how the Grilled Tri-Tip Steak with Molasses Chili Marinade Recipe sounds!

Smitten Kitchen – Flank Steak on the Grill

I must be craving steak because when I saw the Skirt Steak with Bloody Mary Tomato Salad from Smitten Kitchen, I had to wipe the drool away!

Need some ideas to spice up those plain ole burgers?  Cooking with Caitlin created a Gourmet Burger page – take your pick of a Cordon Bleu Burger or the side dish that would go with everything:  Red Onion-Apple Slaw!

Nothing goes with grilled fish like a festive and flavorful mango salsa – The Hungry Goddess gives us a brief primer on how to grill fish and choose your type of fish and then tops it all with a delish mango salsa!

Can’t wait for dessert?  Me either!  Especially when the dessert is homemade ice cream!  Daydreamer Desserts is serving up White Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Ice Cream – it may not go on the grill but it is definitely a welcome guest at the barbecue!

Dishing Up Delights has a cucumber obsession currently and we benefit as she shares her cucumber cocktails – perfect with or without alcohol – check out the Cucumber Mint Lemonade and the Cucumber Basil Limeade – Refreshing!

The flavor combos in Guilty Kitchen’s Mango & Prosciutto Salad will be a hit and keep them coming back for more!  I love summer salads so use whatever fresh veg is local to your area to really make it outstanding!

What do you get when you have romaine hearts and a delish black bean salad?  Black Bean Salad Boats of course!  This amazing recipe is from She Wears Many Hats and the presentation makes a tray a these just perfect for a barbecue!

We could go on for the whole summer on awesome grilling and barbecue friendly recipes but since it is quite a bit early, we just wanted to get your inspirational juices flowing to take advantage of the recent warm weather!

What are your favorite warm weather recipes?

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Happy Grilling!

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