How to Share the Christmas Spirit in Your Community

While Christmas has become a big retail holiday, we wanted to take a few moments this week to reflect on how we can recapture the giving spirit of Christmas.  Focusing on family and working to give back to our communities means stronger ties inside and outside of our families.  Here are a few ways that 4virtu likes to share the Christmas spirit in our community:

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen – As a tangible reminder of just how blessed you truly are and a meaningful way to support your local community, few things surpass volunteering at a soup kitchen. Tapping into your servant’s heart by assisting a charity in feeding the homeless will uplift your soul and put the small stuff — like having to wait in long lines at the department store — into perspective. And the joy you will bring to others less fortunate can never be measured in dollars and cents. Giving the gift of your time as a demonstration of your concern for your neighbors in need will help make it a better holiday for them and a more peaceful one for you. Don’t forget to take along the kids so they can also learn these valuable lessons!

Sing Carols to the Elderly at a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility – A perfect opportunity to brighten the season is spending time with elderly folks — whether you sing carols, read or just sit and talk — it  is one of the best ways to slow down, learn from someone else’s life experience and appreciate everything you’ve been given. Imagine how hard it is for an older man or woman facing yet another Christmas without family due to long distances, death or illness. By showing them that you care enough to take time out of your busy schedule, you will not only make them feel good, you will be teaching your children respect for the elderly and how to remember others during this holiday season.

Send Christmas Cards to the Troops – Gather the kids around the table, pull out your favorite crayons and markers and create some special cards for our men and women in uniform serving overseas. This family activity will remind everyone of the sacrifices our military makes on a daily basis for our freedom and the time spent engaged in this worthy activity will be simultaneously uplifting and relaxing. Click here for some charities that will assist you with getting your letters to their final destination.

Play Santa (or an Elf) for Sick Kids – As with the elderly in a nursing home, Christmas can be a challenging time for kids dealing with life-threatening illnesses. Check with the local hospitals in your area to find out how you can spread some cheer for their littlest patients. Whether you sing, read, play or eat lots of cookies (we also suggest bringing a care package of goodies like toys and homemade treats), it will serve as an important reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Note: Be sure to inquire ahead of time as to what items you can include in a gift basket.

Best of all, as you share your time and spirit with others in the community, the kids get to learn more about how to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.

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