Tasty Tuesday – Thanksgiving Side Dishes

In just a few short weeks, we will be gathering with family and friends over the Thanksgiving table.  Turkey, ham, lasagna, pork – the traditions of the main course vary widely even though turkey is still the prime centerpiece at most celebrations.

For me, I love the turkey but the magic really happens in the side dishes.  Tidbits of traditional goodness that complement the turkey and fill everyone’s plates.

Today, for Tasty Tuesday, we are going to give you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving side dishes.

Have family and friends that are vegetarian?  Gluten Free?  Gourmet? Traditional?  No worries!  We have you covered!

Are you ready to eat?  We are!

Mashed Potatoes – my favorite is yukon gold mashed to buttery goodness that makes the perfect mound to create a gravy mountain!  So we always vote for mashed potatoes – how about you?  Do you ever NOT serve mashed potatoes?  This is one tradition that I can never leave off.

I have been amazed by the amount of gratin recipes this year and I am completely inspired to try some of them – gratin is a great way to get some veggies on the table (with cheese) and they are sure to be a hit!  Some of the faves that are in the running for me are:

Basically, if it includes Gruyere, I will eat it but these sounded perfect for a Thanksgiving spread!

Butternut Squash Gratin from Simple Bites

Let’s talk about the Green Bean Casseroles … I am not a fan of canned vegetables … or soup … or pretend onion thingies.

If I eat green beans, I want them to be REAL and FRESH.

Here are some wonderful alternatives to the canned Green Bean Casserole:

Best Ever Green Bean Casserole from Alton Brown

Fresh Green Bean Casserole (keeps the onion topping) from Brown Eyed Baker

Fresh Green Bean Casserole (no cream or soup!) from Country Living

Speaking of cans … how about Cranberries?  Did you know that cranberries are one of three fruits native to the United States and that they were served at the first Thanksgiving?

And the Native Americans did not serve them from a can so take a few extra steps and bring your cranberries to life with one of these natural and delicious inspirations:

Cranberry Sauce and a Thanksgiving Explosion from Joy the Baker

Simple and Amazing Cranberry Sauce Recipe from Savory Sweet Life

Homemade Cranberry Sauce from Pioneer Woman

Don’t forget your veggies!  There are so many wonderful option for Vegetable Dishes at Thanksgiving that are unusual but still traditional and seasonal and yummy for your vegetarian guests.

Some of the ones that may be making it to my table for this Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Harvard Beets from Big Red Kitchen

Butternut Squash Apple Soup from Elana’s Pantry

6 Ways to Prepare Brussel Sprouts for Thanksgiving from Foodies Unite

Roasted Parsnip Bread Pudding from Martha Stewart

Maple Ginger Glazed Carrots from Delish.com

Red Wine Braised Cabbage, Pearl Onions and Pears from Kitchen Daily

For our Gluten Free friends – Thanksgiving is a challenging holiday but the Gluten Free Goddess and Shauna, Gluten Free Girl make it a FEAST!

Shauna from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef shares her Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu from 2010, as well as tips about how to cook for someone who is gluten free.

Karina – the Gluten Free Goddess has a whole post of inspiration for Gluten Free Thanksgiving Side Dishes – like Quinoa Mushroom Pilaf (that just went on my list!).

My mouth is watering.  I don’t think I can wait for Thanksgiving!

Maybe we should start cooking now??  All this inspiration and all of these wonderful cooks!

Next week for Tasty Tuesday, we TALK TURKEY!  How to Prep your Turkey and extra special tips!  Share your tips with us!

Get organized with 4virtu’s free online calendar, list tool and free texts – you will be completely ready for Thanksgiving!