National Volunteer Week April 10-16 – Get Involved!

National Volunteer Week is April 10-16

National Volunteer Week has arrived and the national spotlight is on all of the great work that volunteers do every single day!

For many organizations, volunteers are the energy that keep them in the business of good works.  National statistics for the USA for 2010 say that over 63 million of you volunteered your time last year and while this is amazing, we can do more!

Reaching out to the needy in our communities forges stronger communities and sets valuable examples for our children.

How can you get involved in National Volunteer Week & beyond?

1.  People think about going to a nursing home, a soup kitchen or some other place to do volunteer work but, sometimes, we just need to look up and down our block for opportunities.  Is there a neighbor who recently had surgery or is recovering from an illness?  Can you do some shopping or have the kids help out with lawn work for someone right on your street?

2.  Our churches and schools are all operating on reduced budgets – a few hours a week can go a long way to helping those in your congregation and your children’s classes.  I have a friend who volunteers 3 hours a week to teach music after school for free – what a fun idea!

3.  If you are finding it tough to make time out of the house, get involved online.  Volunteer your time to help an organization with social media, blogging, phone calls for fundraising – all from home.

4.  Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean out the closets and make a big DONATE pile to take to some of your local organizations or churches.  Many people think about the larger organizations but there are some small groups that need help even more – do your research (and stay tuned – we are working on lists for local communities across the country for the small groups!).

5.  Make volunteering a family activity – projects around your community, beach clean-up, roadside clean-up, having a bakesale, spending the day at the Community Center – all of these are great ways for the whole family to spend one day per month.

4virtu is committed to spreading Good Works – how can 4virtu help you and your organization?

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Contact us today to find out how we can help you spread Good Works in your community!  And get your family and/or group featured on our Hope 4 Good website!

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