Thankful Thursday – Join Us on Hope 4 Good with Your Stories!

4virtu is thrilled to announce the soft launch of our new Good Works Initiative – Hope 4 Good!

Hope 4 Good is a charitable initiative sponsored by 4virtu.

From the start, 4virtu has been driven by the desire to serve as a faithful steward in bringing communities together while helping families better manage their daily lives. Our guiding principle: “Changing the world one virtuous community at a time” reflects our goal to promote and inspire good works; support and enrich families; and connect and sustain businesses and neighborhood organizations.

By espousing the necessity of traditional American values; by encouraging good citizenship; and by acting as goodwill ambassadors in fostering the building of strong virtuous communities, 4virtu makes a difference in the lives of those we serve. At its core, our faith-based mission is the foundation and cornerstone of our business model.

Hope 4 Good is the vehicle by which we have chosen to further extend our mission of “Changing the world one virtuous community at a time” and 4virtu is the foundation that provides an online hub for safe & secure networking; free organizational tools for the volunteers and organizations; and a means for people to connect with local organizations and others to make secure donations to the organizations of their choice.

The benefits of participating in Hope 4 Good:

  • Protect the dignity of the individual by providing directly for their needs through the compassion of another person
  • Creates a call to family, community, and participation for the greater good
  • Provides the opportunity for individuals to develop responsibility
  • Demonstrates our commitment to provide for the poor and vulnerable
  • Acknowledges our understanding of the truth that if one of our fellow citizens is hurting, we all are affected by that pain

We thank you for joining in our initiative of promoting Good Works in our communities.  Together, we really can change the world!

Join the 4virtu Group for Hope 4 Good and connect with those doing Good Works everywhere! Click on the icon below to join for free today!

We will be announcing more information and features on the Hope 4 Good site and on the 4virtu blog!

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